Networking skills are vital. We support you and teach you how to get the best from attending business networking events. We don’t make people stand up, you can do whatever is comfortable for you.

When you introduce yourself to the group its important to focus on a few key points and we shared some information below to help you.

One Minute Pitches A minute to win it!

We want to help you to get the best out of any business networking you do.

Is there such a thing as a perfect pitch? Yes there is!

We offer everyone the chance to introduce themselves at our Business Women UnLtd meetings, so make yours with impact.

Below are some tips to help you. One of the biggest issues people find is how to make a memorable introduction.

Our advice is to prepare beforehand, don’t be over rehearsed, be natural and clear about what you are communicating.

A minute to win it!

Making your pitch memorable

Preparing a one minute pitch is a great way to really get across a message about who you are and what you can offer. Make the time to prepare and this will make it easy for people to help you.

This is not the time to say your name and list your services.

Boring one minute pitches are easily forgotten!

You need to be specific and the more specific the better. Your product or service perhaps could serve anyone –by being too general you will not capture your audience’s attention, this will not focus their mind and is unlikely to generate a response

If for example you say ‘I am looking for contacts with estate agents’, already you have focused the audience’s attention and they will be more likely to take actions, adding the area or town will add even greater focus.

Checking the names of companies and asking for specific contacts in that company may also be more effective, as the audience may know someone who might know even if they do not know themselves.

Sell your expertise, when asking for contacts talk about a satisfied client, how did you help? Did you save them money? Improve their health? Help solve a problem?

Share your knowledge and expertise in your industry. Even in a minute you can share a fact –i.e. the number of people who die without a will and how much the treasury gets each year from this. This makes people think!

Some types of specifics don’t work so well. So often I hear people ask for companies with a turnover in excess of 1 million or companies with more than 50 employees. Why should the people in the room know the turnover and number of employees of companies – if you do the research and then ask for contacts in the specific companies you have identified fit your criteria you may get the contacts you need.

As you have only one minute you need to think about what you can say which will leave a lasting impression.

You want to be remembered.

How can you get your message across in just one minute?

Speaking for one minute is around 200 words. You need to be clear, concise and you need to practise!

Draft a list of words about you or your company.

What is your product or service? If you are pitching yourself what are your key strengths and interests.

Keep in mind who you will be pitching to.

Keep writing key words down until you can’t think of any more.

Start to draft your minute from these keys words into sentences.

Think about the message you are sending out. What is your USP, how are you different?

Read it out loud, read it to people you know and people you don’t know!

You will probably do several drafts and you might end up with 2-3 pitches that you can use for different occasions.

  • To illustrate your pitch you might wish to use props- sometimes this will really help you to get your message across but it must be easy to use and appropriate to what you are pitching about.
  • Show examples of your work or maybe share a testimonial from a client
  • Rhymes- It can be fun to have a pitch which rhymes or you can use a rhyming strap line at the end, again as long as it fits with you or brand.
  • Make a story around your business or make it funny and amusing
  • Strap line – At the end of your pitch you might want to use a strap line.

For example a company who undertake research projects used ‘We will find the needle in your haystack’

Drafting your one minute

Start off with your name, occupation and your business name.

Write 7-9 sentences on yourself or your company using the key word list you have drafted.

Try and include at the end a ‘Call to action’- think about a special offer or ask your listeners to do something at the end of your pitch.

Special offers do make people listen!

At the end, say your name and company again to finish

If you follow these tips you should see better results from your business networking activities.

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