Its our business to change ourselves

April 28, 2020 Debbie Gilbert

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This is a guest blog from Debbie Stewart who shares her thoughts on creating change in your life.

When you hear a song on the radio that lights you up, it makes such a big difference! I have just heard “Look for the Good in Everything” by Jason Mraz -for the second time in two days. This song really hits the spot. I wanted to dance, sing, smile a silly grin and could feel a ‘bubble of joy’ inside of me, which felt amazing, happy, light with an incredible feeling of contentment. It makes me contented and appreciate what I have.

Let go of the past

That song reminds me of being a young child with no cares in the world, just having fun. We didn’t realise at the time this was a beautiful place to be.
Sometimes we need to let go of past stories and old beliefs and encourage new stories to enable us to enjoy our lives to the full and be the happiest version of ourselves.
There’s truly so much to be grateful for even during this period of Coronavirus. Instead of dwelling, feeling and feeding the fear, we need to embrace the positivity that we can control.

My new beginning

My birthday present to myself this March, just three weeks before lockdown, was my Reiki Masters qualification. After 18 years of being Reiki level 2, I felt suddenly ready to take the next steps to be a teacher.
So through this, I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to grow more spiritually, emotionally and physically over this period of lock-down.
I have reflected; forgiven myself for being a victim. I finally stood up to family members and have spoken up for myself. This has been a very long time coming. This new awareness did not go down too well with my family!

Only you can make change

It’s our business to change ourselves. We can’t change others. I haven’t had any arguments with my family, just changed the old scratched record of looking after others before taking full responsibility for my self-care.

I am a typical Century Bach Flower type – always happy and willing to help others and say ‘yes’. I admit I am a ‘yes’ person. One can continue like this, but there comes the point when people have pushed you just a bit too far. This remedy supports that kind caring loving character to say ‘enough’.

Discover a new found respect

I have now gained more respect and appreciation for myself.
Everyone has a story and a significant chapter in my growth 20 years ago was when I went through a challenging and emotional time with a family member. I feel I am blessed as my husband of now nearly 33 years has always been my absolute rock. I also have two sons who are now 24 and 28 who are our absolute pride and joy and are also great support.
I am so grateful that I had the strength and determination to study Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies all those many years ago. They have been such a massive support to me, children, husband, friends, family and the wider community. Allowing these therapies to work their magic and flow to where needed is so beautiful and a real gift.

For some people, change is too painful. This is sad for them. So let us send them love. I am sharing this to send a simple message. Let’s enjoy our here and now and appreciate with gratitude what we have.

Written by Debbie Stewart, TimeOut4Me, Reiki Master and Bach Flower Remedy practitioner. Contact her here

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