Remote working is here to stay.

December 15, 2021 Debbie Gilbert

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Remote working is here to stay

Remote working was a concept already drawing entrepreneurs, freelancers and employers’ attention pre-Covid-19, but without a doubt it has everyone’s full focus now.

When employees were made to work from home to prevent the spread of the virus, businesses were forced to adapt and newfound confidence in our technological competencies were born from employees and employers alike. Face-to-face business meetings were instead handled on Zoom calls and apart from a slight loss of an interpersonal touch we all managed okay. To the surprise of some sceptical employers, employee commitment didn’t seem to drop, in fact many employees reported working longer days and productivity increased.

So it seems that remote working is here to stay, with 88% of business saying they expect remote working to form a greater part of a more hybrid form of working in future. Undoubtedly it does make a lot of sense, not needing a permanent office space will –

• Drastically cut costs
• Reduce employee journey time
• Reduces emissions – working towards a green future
• Maintain a well-rested work force

However, this work setup is not always conducive to productivity if you have to work from home. There are many problems that can affect the individual’s ability to work in this way.

Problems that can arise include –
o Parenting children (noise and distraction)
o No change of environment has a clear effect on individual’s mental wellbeing
o Poor work space, size, lighting and acoustic environment etc.
o Distractions of home comforts: food/kitchen; entertainment: radio, tv etc.
o Dysfunctional relationships
o Technology problems

There are also collaboration problems, which affect innovation, as well as newly occurring communication issues between departments.

Problems for collaboration:
o Lack of face-to-face team meetings
o Communication issues between departments
o Less team-bonding and reduced sense of work community

There is an evident need for partial office arrangements, more frequently used by some but important for all to have in some quantity. .

New flexible hot desking / co-working offices are popping up all over the country. These working spaces allow users/businesses to rent space either on a permanent basis or for a number of days a week/month allowing users (both employee and business) to pick the working arrangement which is right for them.

Ergonomically designed pods and buildings provide the optimum working conditions for users, fulfilling all of their needs.

Individual Spaces that a company like Pluto provides:
• Sound-proofed rooms
• Ultimate lighting conditions
• Optimal acoustics
• Temperature thermostat
• Electronical appliances at your fingertips
• Super-fast WIFI
• Comfortable ergonomic seating
• Highest cleaned air quality
We recently visited the new St Albans Pluto pod space. Find out more here on their website Spaces, operated by Regus offer hot desking and this might be another option that could work for you
In addtion to the hot desk space you can gain access to –
• Meeting Rooms (many sizes) and at a members discount
• Kitchen/Coffee areas – free tea and coffee for members
• Cafes – offering snacks and light lunches, cost not included
They also offer access to all their locations worldwide for members, ideal if you work in various locations. Some of their centers also offer additional facilities such as leisure spaces for the user, Pilates, yoga, quiet areas
You can find out more about Spaces on their website here

Using hot desking spaces enables you to get the maximum productivity without the onoing expesnive fixed office costs and with no long-term commitments

Hot desking or pods are cost effective because not only do you get the desk space but also

• Security
• Cleaning
• Insurance
• Health and safety procedures
• Replenishing office
• Furniture upkeep

Co working spaces are the future for businesses. as remote working is without a doubt here to stay. These social working environments where innovating collaboration and networking can happen are an added bonus.

These facilities are popping up everywhere and they will give remote working an new edge.
Here are some more facilities worth checking out
This website lists co working spaces across London – CLICK HERE
BubbleHUB in St Albans CLICK HERE
The Harpenden Collective – CLICK HERE
WENTA have a number of facilities in various areas CLICK HERE For more information about your area – just Google or ask on Facebook or LinkedIn
There is sure to be a facility near you!

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