Annual Marketing review

December 17, 2018 Debbie Gilbert

Annual Marketing review

There are a few basic things you should cover in a marketing review each year. Business should review each quarter but if you haven’t got around to it here is what you should check at the end of each year.

Website Performance

Google Analytics – As part of your marketing review it is essential to check this. What is driving traffic to your website?  How long do people stay on your site and what do they do when they get there? Make sure you understand the user experience, or you could be losing out on enquiries and sales.

Site speed – How fast does your website load?

Updates – are you offering new services, remove old ones, add new pictures, pages and update anything which you feel will make the site look better.

Social Media Review

Review the platforms you are using – Check your insights and analytics and ensure you know which posts performed well and that over the past year you have seen growth in your interaction and your followers/likes. If not consider what you could do better in 2020. You might need advice and training to maximise the potential open to you.

Social Media Strategy – consider an improved strategy going forwards. Brain storm topics and create ideas.

Sales Strategy

Lead Conversion – Check how well you are converting enquiries into leads. If you do more quotes than invoices something is wrong in your conversion process. You are potentially not listening to your customers requirements, not following up or your pricing strategy needs attention.

Customer Care

Customer retention – How well are you retaining customers? Why do they leave you? It might be you have a one-off service but if not always check in and ask why they are no longer using you.

Customer referrals and reviews – Are your customers giving you referrals? Make sure you have a referral programme in place.  Have they given you a review on Google/Facebook/LinkedIn? Reviews are vital to increase your credibility online.

Technology Review

Cloud based systems – are you automating as much as you can? Are there systems and processes that you could be using to improve lead generation, lead nurture and customer care?

Use this information to create a marketing plan Set objectives for sales. If you need help increasing your leads contact Debbie Gilbert

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