How to achieve your business goals

January 30, 2023 Debbie Gilbert

How to achieve your business goals


What goals are you hoping to achieve with your business by the end of 2022?

It is important to have clear goals when running a business to measure your progress and success, even small goals can feel quite satisfying when achieved!

To reach a goal you should break it down into small targets of what you need to do to achieve it.

When setting your goals consider these questions –


S.M.A.R.T. Questions

Does your goal clearly and specifically state what you are trying to achieve?  If your goal is particularly large or lofty, try breaking it down into smaller, specific SMART goals.

How will you (and others) know if progress is being made on achieving your goal? Can you quantify or put numbers to your outcome?

Is achieving your goal dependent on anyone else?  Is it possible to reframe your goal so it only depends on you and not others? What factors may prevent you from accomplishing your goal?

Why is achieving this goal important to you? What values in your life/business does this goal reflect?  What effect will achieving your goal have on your life/business or on others?

When will you reach your goal?  Again, if your goal is particularly large, try breaking it down into smaller goals with appropriate incremental deadlines.


Write down the date by which you plan to achieve your goal:

Specific: What exactly will you accomplish?

Measurable: How will you (and others) know when you have reached your goal?

Attainable: Is attaining this goal realistic with effort and commitment? Do you have the resources to achieve this goal? If not, how will you get them?

Relevant:  Why is this goal important to you? Hone in on why it matters.

Time-bound: When will you achieve this goal?


The tasks you need to do to complete the goal

Potential Issues/Obstacles

Date you expect to complete

When completed you can tick it off your list!



When working towards achieving a goal, it is helpful to have a one or two people whom you agree to check in with on a regular basis. Keeping others informed on your progress can be a useful external motivator!

Who can you can share your goal with?

1) Talk with one or two individuals who will genuinely want to see you succeed in achieving your goal.

2) Explain to them why achieving this goal is important to you.

3) Ask if they will support you and hold you accountable in reaching your goal. 4) Select and agree upon future dates/times you will report updates on your progress


Congratulations on creating a SMART goal and sticking with it!  Be sure to share your achievement with your network of supporters and find a way to celebrate your success.

We found these 10 free templates which might help – print them off and stick them where you can see them.

This article also has some useful resources for helping you plan your business goals.

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